Lea and Jakob


Sometimes being a big brother can feel Like a big job!

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Sometimes being a big brother can feel Like a big job!

Jakob has the important job… Looking after his Little sister, Lea. Today, everything seems to go wrong, and Jakob finds it hard to stay patient, compassionate, and organized. He even faces a big challenge at his favorite place-the soccer field!
Thankfully, their dad is there to help. With a special story from the Bible about Moses, he shows Jakob and Lea the power of curiosity, and how to see the world in new and exciting ways… especially when things are difficult.

WILL Jakob keep his place on the soccer team, and, more importantly, be able to fix the messy day?
Jump into the adventure of Lea and Jakob: The Day Everything Went Wrong, a fun story about siblings Learning to be kind, even when things get tricky. It’s all about family, friends, and finding big Lessons in the Bible. Come along for a day filled with surprises, challenges, and the power of Love!


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